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Welcome to Mid Atlantic Dice Company, where we're hitting points playing craps, and teaching you to hit them, too.

We hope you've enjoyed our site since opening it up in October. Hopefully you've learned a lot more about playing craps and dice control. We look forward to bringing you new content to help you learn to play craps and learn dice control!

We also hope you'll check out our book "Learn to Play Craps from Part-Time Dice Pros" Soon to be released on amazon and other book retailers! The book is full of useful lessons and tips on the best ways to play craps, and some insight on the ever controversial topic of dice control.

Thanks Again and see you soon winning at the craps tables!

postheadericon MidAtlantic Gaming Market: too saturated?

Growth and expansion is typically a great thing when it comes to business, but often times it creates a bit of over saturation in a given market, watering down the experience across the board. Throughout the MidAtlantic, there has been a significant degree of growth over the past decade in the gaming industry. When we began this site, there was legalized gaming in just a few states in our region: New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and in a limited basis Pennsylvania.

Now, over half a decade since we launched this site there is table gaming throughout New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Delaware and Maryland.

The newest casino in the area is the downtown Baltimore location owned by Harrah's/Ceasar's Entertainment, labeled the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. In Atlantic City, NJ a number of casinos have gone bankrupt, shut down

and a few more are slated to shut down by the end of 2014.

The ebbs and flow of the industry and its expansion have ramifications both for the owners, the cities, and the employees, as well as an entire other perspective on the consumer or gambler.

What does it mean to you?

Saturation can in some ways be a good thing for the end consumer. Over the past 6 months we've seen greater offerings in the craps market, with casinos like Harrah's Philadelphia(formerly Chester) now offering 10x odds on craps at select times.

The Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore apparently is offering a whopping 100x odds, unmatched east of the Mississippi. In fact, 100x odds in craps is so rare, we only know of two casinos who purport to offer it: The newly opened Horseshoe in Baltimore, and Casino Royale on the strip in Las Vegas, NV.

In addition to better offerings in odds of the craps tables, we've also seen a variety of new and creative proposition bets on various craps tables, including some ever changing props at Delaware Park Casino. Note, Delaware park is always offering a "full five times" odds no matter what time of day.

It doesn't stop with the craps tables, though. With more competition, many casinos will be more aggressive with their comps and preliminary offerings to get gamers in the door. Personally, I have not been to Atlantic City since 2/3/12, yet I still get regular mailings of free room offers, and they're often better than they've been in the past--and include more free stuff!

With all of this in mind, we suggest that you plan your next trip out to one of these great destinations, contact our friends at William Pollock Clothing to get yourself a custom tailored suit, and tear up the tables and stay local in one of the great free rooms!

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